Sony Has Sold 100 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide

PlayStation 4 is now the fastest-selling console ever

Sony Interactive Entertainment shared the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year’s first quarter that ended on June 30. There, the company’s gaming division reports that PlayStation 4 shipment numbers reached 100 million units worldwide.

Sony Has Sold 100 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide-1
It only took 5 years and 7 months for PlayStation 4 to reach 100 million units sold, which makes it the fastest selling console in history

Last quarter, Sony reported that PlayStation 4 sales were at the 96.8 million mark, so it actually sells a bit slower than in the previous year.

Sony expects their console to have less 2019 sales than the company forecasted at the beginning of the year. After all, the 8th generation of consoles is at the end of its cycle — both Sony and Microsoft are expected to release their next-gen systems until the end of 2020.

Sony Has Sold 100 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide-2
The 2019 fiscal year is likely to become the most profitable year for Sony yet

Sony also revealed that for the first time, console owners are buying more games via digital downloads than physical discs: 53% of games purchases were made digitally compared to the last year’s 43%.