Doom Eternal QuakeCon 2019 Highlights

Here’s what was shown at the recent demonstration: new trailer, enemy, and details about the new online mode, Battlemode

Undeniably, the main star of the opening ceremony of QuakeCon 2019 was Doom Eternal as a big part of the presentation was devoted to the upcoming first-person shooter.

First, a new trailer that featured both a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer mode was revealed.

The trailer hasn't been officially released, so we have to do with a fan version

The next video introduced a new enemy to the series — Doomhunter, a cybernated demon.

Once again, a non-official trailer

The most part of the presentation, the developers were talking about Battlemode, a unique online mode created for Doom Eternal.

In this mode, one player controls the Slayer, while the other two play as demons. The latter have the ability to summon minions to attack the Slayer, who can replenish health, armor and ammo.

Matches have no time limit. The winner is the first to deal with the opponent: the Slayer or both demons.

To finish off the second demon, the player will have 20 seconds. If not been killed during this time, the enemy will resurrect with half of his health.

Archvile and Marauder

On launch, there will be six maps and five demons available: Revenant, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Marauder and Archvile. Both lists will be expanded for free.

Check out the full presentation below:

Doom Eternal will release on November 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Google Stadia.

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