New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Released

The pics showcase rewards for the game’s backers

Ys Net has released a few dozens of new Shenmue 3 images that show the rewards for those who funded the game’s development.

People that supported Shenmue 3 will receive a special item VIP Telephone Card that unlocks Save Shenmue building. There, the backers will have access to their exclusive in-game rewards.

New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Released-1
VIP Telephone Card

Check out the main views of the building:

A special Capsule Machine will be filled with small figurines modeled after the backers’ appearance:

There will also be a minigame called Lucky Hit!, which uses the supporters’ portraits as its assets:

New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Released-8

These shelves have names of every backer written on tiny notes:

New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Released-9

The game’s supporters will also receive an exclusive Ryo’s jacket:

New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Released-10

Finally, there are some photos of physical rewards for various Kickstarter tiers:

Previously, Ys Net has clarified that the Shenmue’s 3 Kickstarter backers will not receive bonuses included in retail versions of the game.

Shenmue 3 will release on PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19. It was originally set for a Steam release, but recently the devs sealed the deal to release Shenmue 3 exclusively on Epic Games Store.