Borderlands 3 Developers Accidentally Leak New Detail and Pics

The images show the beginning of the game and one of the characters’ abilities

Someone has found a Twitch channel with jibberish name that was streaming Borderlands 3 for 4 hours straight. During the stream called "Today, we make stuff work! Hooray!", the devs were testing how Borderlands 3 social features work.

Nothing really crazy was happening on the stream, but we’ve got a look at some new gameplay footage from the beginning of the game.

Users managed to take some screenshots that show a frame from the opening cutscene, a character selection screen, and a hologram of Lilith.

Check out the images below:

Someone also screengrabbed FL4K’s skill tree:

Borderlands 3 Developers Accidentally Leak New Detail and Pics-6
The image shows a detailed description of the skill Jabber Sidekick: FL4K is joined by a loyal Jabber companion armed with Pistol. While accompanied by the Jabber, FL4K’s movement speed is increased. Holding F will issue an Attack Command, causing the Jabber to throw a Radiactive Barrel at enemies. Movement Speed +5.0%

Overall, Borderlands fans have managed to find over 50 of such encrypted channels. But only one of them was actually publicly broadcasting.

The developers officially released a bunch of new screenshots from the game just the other day.

Borderlands 3 is out September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC version will be available exclusively in Epic Games Store for the first 6 months after the release.