Moonlighter and This War of Mine Available for Free on Epic Games Store

Alan Wake and For Honor are next on the giveaway list

Following the giveaway of Limbo, Epic Games Store has launched another offer. This time, users can receive two games instead of one, Moonlighter and This War of Mine. The offer is live till August 2.

Moonlighter is a top-down adventure game that combines roguelike and shop management elements. At daytime, players run their shop where they sell artifacts acquired during night dungeon runs.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

The other title availlable for free this week is This War of Mine. It’s a survival game in which we countrol a group of civilians during the war.

See the gameplay trailer below:

You can add Moonlighter and This War of Mine to your EGS library before August 2. The next pair of games to be given away from August 2 to 7 will be Alan Wake and For Honor.