[UPDATED] Marvel's Avengers SDCC 2019 Gameplay Demo Leaks Online

It showcases Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk in action

Update: Redditor THEPROMISE102 has uploaded a second part of the demo. It features more Hulk gameplay, a sequence with Captain America and Black Widow’s fight with Taskmaster.

Visitors of Marvel’s panel on SDCC 2019 got a chance to see some exclusive footage of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay. But as it often happens with exclusive SDCC content, the presentation was filmed by someone and posted online.

The video’s quality isn’t very good, but you still can clearly see what’s happening on the screen:

The demo shows a walkthrough of a single mission. It starts with Thor’s gameplay: he can swing his hammer, throw it at enemies and occasionally do powerful lightning-charged attacks. The mission is pretty straightforward, as Thor just pushes forward through the waves of mercenaries and occasionally saves people under the wreckage.

The camera then switches to Iron Man. After a short flying chase sequence, the hero lands and the gameplay switches back to fighting. The main difference with Iron Man is that he prefers to shoot enemies from a distance and avoid melee combat, if possible.

The video ends with some Hulk gameplay. Bruce Banner transforms into the green beast right after he jumps from the quinjet. As expected, Hulk destroys enemies with ease: he just grabs them and slams into everything and everyone.

The recording suddenly ends — but the presentation itself was a bit longer. The visitors report that the demo ended with a teaser of another Marvel superhero appearance, namely Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) from the comics. She is a young inhuman with an ability to stretch and deform her body.

The developers plan to officially release the first gameplay video of Marvel’s Avengers at the end of August. The game that was first showed on Square Enix E3 2019 press-conference is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020.