New Astral Chain Video Demonstrates 6 Minutes of Gameplay

Watch a walkthrough of one of the slasher’s side missions

Journalists from GameXplain have uploaded new direct-feed gameplay video of Astral Chain from the creators of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, Platinum Games.

You can watch the demo below:

Here’s a list of what was shown in the video:

  • The player can explore a peaceful city hub The Ark, talk with NPCs and do optional activities.
  • The protagonist can use Iris vision to scan the environment. Gamers in the comments already noticed that Iris sound effects ("Iris started" and "Iris shutdown") are very annoying.
  • To buy items and upgrades, you have to collect red matter scattered in the game world.
  • There are also items like medicine lying around the map.
  • The player can swap between different weapons: a pistol, a dagger, and a big sword were shown in the video.
  • Missions in the game are divided into story-related and optional tasks. In the video, the player takes a quest from a woman who claims that her dumpster is moving and floats on its own.
  • You control two characters at once: a human fighter and Legion, an extradimensional mysterious being. The Legion is heavily used for combat, powerful combo attacks, and other actions.
  • When the player goes through a dimensional portal, the demo switches to a fighting sequence.
  • Foes in the game are called Chimeras. There are many types of them — each one has different attacks, weaknesses, and stats.
  • When the enemy’s health is low, you can finish them off with a powerful attack.
  • After the player defeated all chimeras, he was thrown back to the Ark. The game then showed a scoreboard with points and a completion rank.

Astral Chain will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 30.