Stunning God of War Baldur Statue Announced

This epic art piece belongs in Santa Monica Studio’s office

The insane 24.5 inches Baldur & Broods statue is the newest work by Prime 1 Studio. It’s also their first product based on God of War (2018).

You can check out the gorgeous pictures of the statue below:

Players of God of War will instantly recognize Baldur, one of the game’s bosses. The son of Odin, also known by the name Aesir, plays a crucial role in 2018 game story.

Baldur & Broods features the highly detailed body covered in a large collection of tattoos and an impressive base decorated with Broods bodies. The 24-kilo statue’s dimensions are as follows: H:62.2 cm, W:55.3 cm, D:59.6 cm.

You can already pre-order the Baldur & Broods statue for $1199 here. There is also a limited edition version for the same price that additionally includes the God of War logo stand — hurry and get it here before the stock of 500 items runs out. The estimated date of arrival is July-November 2020.

Stunning God of War Baldur Statue Announced-9

Coming up next from Prime 1 Studio is Kratos & Atreus Statue which is promised to be a perfect fit for the Baldur & Broods piece. Pre-orders will open soon.