Russian Nintendo Fans Launch Petition to Lower Regional Prices

More than 2000 people have already signed it

One gamer from Russia has created a petition in response to recent news about the rise of Nintendo’s local prices of its accessories. The campaign’s goal is not only to demand lower Russian prices for Nintendo’s products but also to recognize the local office’s many problems.

High prices

It was revealed this week that Pro Controller and Joy-Con Controller both will become much more expensive in Russia by the end of July — the price of the latter, for example, will be increased from 5 499 rubles ($87 or €77) to 6 999 rubles ($111 or €99). It was also announced that the newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite official price for the region will be 16 499 rubles ($262 or €232).

Russian Nintendo Fans Launch Petition to Lower Regional Prices-1
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild eShop price is 5 249 rubles ($84 or €75). For example, new AAA-games for PlayStation 4 in Russia usually cost 3 999 rubles ($63 or €56)

What also greatly concerns Russian Nintendo fans is local games pricing. It’s pretty common for physical copies of Switch games there to be more expensive than digital copies. For example, Super Mario Odyssey’s eShop price is currently 4 499 rubles ($71 or €63), while the cartridge with the same game costs only 3 599 rubles ($57 or €51). Even a 2-year old game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild still costs terrifying 5 249 rubles ($84 or €75) in Russian eShop without any DLCs compared to $60 in the US eShop, while the physical copy is priced for 3 299 rubles ($52 or €46).

No localization and poor distribution

Despite the high prices, many story-heavy games like Fire Emblem Three Houses, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Daemon X Machina don’t have a localization even in a text form. That’s also something that the fans consider to be a great obstacle for Nintendo’s potential growth in the region, considering that many gamers (especially of young age) doesn’t speak English and will choose PlayStation or Xbox with a wider selection or localized games instead.

Russian Nintendo Fans Launch Petition to Lower Regional Prices-2
Most of the big game releases in Russia have a full localization. However, Nintendo’s releases rarely get even Russian subtitles

Complaints don’t end there. The author blames Nintendo’s official Russian store Mir Nintendo for doing a poor job in hardware and games distribution. There is no option to pay for your orders online and the store delivery is not available for some regions. In addition to that, the range of available products is very shallow. Considering all these factors, sometimes it’s cheaper and easier for Russian gamers to order Nintendo item from other countries.

Other problems

In addition to that, Nintendo Russia General Manager Yasha Haddaji was accused of harassing his employees back in 2018. Local fans also started petition back then and the whole situated caught the attention of Nintendo of Europe. There was an investigation regarding Haddaji’s situation, but the boss only received an official warning.

Russian Nintendo Fans Launch Petition to Lower Regional Prices-3
Nintendo Russia’s president Yasha Haddaji

Last but not least, there was another bad situation when the Russian team missed the European Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament due to visa problems. The players blamed Nintendo of Russia for a lack of assistance, but the company denied those claims.


Now, the Russian Nintendo community wants to get the attention of Nintendo’s main office. The petition addressed directly to President of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Shuntaro Furukawa and Nintendo of Europe’s president Stephan Bole has more than 2 100 people signed at the moment of writing.