Doom Is Now Playable on Russian Street Payment Terminals

The game is cleverly hidden in the search menu

Russian payment service Qiwi installed a flash-version of the original Doom on the company’s street terminals. The game supports touch controls via overlay buttons.

Doom is accessible on almost any Qiwi’s terminal by entering a famous cheat-code IDDQD in the search field — the same combination made the player invincible in the original game

Doom was added to 97 out of 140 thousands company’s terminal as a part of the promotion for the Qiwi Games digital store opening. Qiwi says that they won’t remove the game in the near future.

The idea behind this surprising functionality addition is to remind everyone how hard it was to get games in Russia before the digital distribution era started.

"Before, in order to play a game, it was necessary to almost “suffer”: walk to a friend or travel around the whole city in search of a disk, or even restrict your experience to admiring pictures from magazines. But now it's easier to play — just buy a game on the website and download it. And the Doom on the terminals reminds us of the forgotten path that one had to go through in order to indulge yourself with a new game."

You can play the exact version of Doom that was installed on Qiwi’s terminals at home. It’s called Doom Triple Pack and is accessible online.