Ikumi Nakamura Reveals Mysterious GhostWire: Tokyo Teaser

This could be the first in-game footage

Tango GameWorks Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura has tweeted a new video of GhostWire: Tokyo. It lasts one minute, but don’t get too excited before you watch it:

Could it be our first in-game look? It seems that someone, probably the main character, is standing on a roof as some birds fly past them. Something very similar to Tokyo Tower is seen in the distance.

The tweet also says "Raptured Apocalypse + Near Future Tokyo + Supernatural", which about sums up what we know about Tango GameWorks’ new project.

The game was revealed at Bethesda E3 2019 Showcase with a stylish cinematic that you can check out below:

The game is set in futuristic Tokyo where a part of the population disappears after the unknown supernatural event

The theme of GhostWire: Tokyo draws a comparison to the game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and the TV Show Leftovers where people suddenly vanished leaving no trace behind.

It’s unknown if this terrifying event in GhostWire: Tokyo affected only the population of Japan’s capital city or if it’s a worldwide crisis.

Ikumi Nakamura Reveals Mysterious GhostWire: Tokyo Teaser-1
People are gone in the game’s debut trailer, only their belongings and clothes remain

Neither release date nor platforms of GhostWire: Tokyo have been revealed.