Mod Turns Pathfinder: Kingmaker into Turn-Based Strategy Game

This mod completely revamps how the game plays and feels

Modder Hsinyu has released the turn-based combat mod that lets you forget about Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s real-time nature. Of course, you could play the game with autopause enabled before, but Hsinyu got rid of some annoying problems that may be encountered with such playstyle.

Check out the video with turn-based gameplay in Pathfinder: Kingmaker below:

One of the most important features of this mod is that it allows characters to take free five-foot steps without taking a regular move action. In other words, you can reposition your ranged characters and kite enemy without drawing an attack.

The other big thing is a reliable area of effect spells cast. Now you can command the character to use such skills without worrying that enemies will flee from the selected area, or worse, your own units will take the friendly fire.

To install Hsinyu’s mod, you'll need Unity Mod Manager. Open it and select Pathfinder: Kingmaker, then it'll create a mods folder wherever the game is installed. After that’s done, just copy the mod’s files there.

This mod is still in beta but works pretty well.