Polish Witcher Fans Are Planning to Troll Torrent Users on Netflix Adaptation Release

You really shouldn’t try to watch the new TV show illegally

The Witcher series fans from Poland want to pull off a big joke on everyone who is going to try to steal the upcoming Netflix TV show from illegal sources. The plan is simple yet genius: fans want to upload the Polish 2002 TV series The Witcher under the disguise of the new adaptation.

Polish Witcher Fans Are Planning to Troll Torrent Users on Netflix Adaptation Release-1
"I remind all of you about uploading the old Polish series to torrent websites and tagging it as the new one from Netflix, let the Poles be remembered as trolls."

The old series is famous for two reasons: it’s completely Polish production, and it’s also very cheap and weird to watch by today’s standards. It stars Michał Żebrowski as Geralt of Rivia, which is often considered a much better choice for the role than Henry Cavill.

Here's an extract from the original Polish series (the quality of the video is not great):

That said, there are two types of people that want to support this flash mob. Some of them just want to prank those who will try to steal the content from Netflix, while others see this as an opportunity to show the world the more authentic and faithful adaptation of Polish novels.

The idea to troll torrent users has been on Polish websites and social networks for a while now. It spreads fast, which is not surprising, considering that Geralt of Rivia was recognized as the most famous Polish person in the world by Polish magazine Tygodnik Powszechny.

The new adaptation of The Witcher, directed by Lauren S. Hissrich(Daredevil, The Defenders) will debut on Netflix in December this year. It stars Henry Cavill, Anya Cholatra and Freya Allan.