Screenshots of New Game from Inside and Limbo Devs Surface Online

Playdead’s next project is still a mystery

The creators of Limbo and Inside from Playdead aren’t very eager to share details about their upcoming game. It was first teased back in 2017 with an image of a lone astronaut posted on the studio’s Twitter. Another image was uploaded a year ago when the devs went to GDC 2018. From that point, there were no updates on the game. Or so we thought — turns out, Playdead just decided to hide new images on their website’s jobs page.

Check them out below:

The screenshots show some mysterious and dark locations: the first one looks like a ravine, while the second reminds of a forest or a swamp. The character on the second pic looks tiny next to a silhouette of something that might be a satellite.

The tone of the images looks very similar to the studio’s previous game, but according to co-founder Arnt Jensen, their next sci-fi project will move away from the 2D style that Playdead is famous for. The developers promise deep and large spaces for exploration. It is not yet known whether this is a full-fledged 3D open environments, or just bigger and more detailed classical backdrops and foregrounds.

Check out other images of the game below:

The release date of the game is still unknown.