Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Is Getting TV Show on Netflix

It will be the most expensive DC Entertainment’s project

DC has announced that Neil Gaiman's most famous graphic novel The Sandman will get a multiple seasons Netflix adaptation.

Here’s what we know about the Netflix adaptation so far:

  • The first season will be 11 episodes long.
  • There are plans to make multiple seasons.
  • The show will be produced by Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman, Grey's Anatomy), and David S. Goyer (Blade, Blade II, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight).
  • It is unlikely that Lucifer and Sandman will take place in the same universe because the first differs too much from the source material.
  • Neil Gaiman will co-write the pilot episode.
  • He also says that the first season will be an adaptation of the comic book’s first volume.
  • Allan Heiberg will be the Sandman’s showrunner, not Gaiman.
  • The series doesn’t have a script yet.
  • The Sandman will be the most expensive DC Entertainment’s project.
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The Sandman tells a story of Dream, a character also known as Morpheus and by other names, who is one of the seven Endless. The other Endless are Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium (Delight) and Destruction. This graphic novel blends mythology and history in its horror setting

The Sandman was one of the first few graphic novels ever to be on the New York Times "Best Seller" list. It was one of five graphic novels to make Entertainment Weekly's "100 best reads from 1983 to 2008". The series had a large influence over the fantasy genre and graphic novel medium.

Netflix’s The Sandman doesn’t have a premiere date yet.