Steam Summer Sale 2019 is Now Live

This time you have a chance to win a free game every day till the sale ends on July 7

Following the leak in May and some new info just a week ago, Steam Summer Sale 2019 has now officially begun. This year’s special gimmick is the Steam Grand Prix. To put it short, it’s a literal race between users to spend as much money and as fast as they can.

First, you have to increase your boost meter’s capacity: each dollar spent equals 100 points. Then it's important to fill your Boost Meter with points and Nitro by completing special quests. The last mechanic suggests you hit Boost to claim rewards at the Pit Stop.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 is Now Live-1

Users are randomly divided into five teams: Hare, Tortoise, Corgi, Cockatiel, and Pig. The goal is to win the race as a member of one of the top 3 teams. Random members of such teams will receive a free game from the top of their wishlist. The races last one day throughout the sale. Random users of the overall Grand Prix winning teams will be awarded up to three of the top items from their Steam Wishlist.

Here are the best offers we found so far:

The good news is that the discounts won’t change till the end of the sale. Besides, it might be a good idea to use Augmented Steam, and IsThereAnyDeal to keep an eye out for any cheaper discounts. SteamDB is also a great tool to monitor best deals.

The sale will be live from June 25 to July 7, so don’t wait out on your purchases for too long.