New Black Mesa Footage Shows 15 Minutes of Xen Gameplay

After many years, the Black Mesa project is almost complete

Following the 2018 trailer, The Crowbar Collective have revealed the lengthy demo of Black Mesa: Xen, the second part of their epic Half-Life remake set in the alien dimension Xen.

Check out the opening minutes of the game:

Black Mesa: Xen looks very colorful and beautiful even by modern standards. The gameplay was also upgraded, allowing you to use long double jump freely.

The second, 9-minute video focuses on exploring the hostile environment and encountering local flora and fauna, including houndeyes and snarks:

The Crowbar Collective is now almost ready to finish the development of Xen. The beta version shown in the video includes three chapters from the brand-new levels and will be released very soon. While the progress is pretty significant, it’s still not clear when we will see the full release of Black Mesa: Xen.

Originally released back in 2012, the Valve-sanctioned fan remake was missing the crucial part of Gordon Freeman’s journey. The devs decided to spend a lot more time on the alien levels, which resulted in the somewhat standalone game. It doesn’t just recreate Xen levels with modern visuals but also significantly expands them.

You can also read the story about how Black Mesa came to be and how it was blessed by Valve themselves here.