Dungeon Action-RPG Underworld Ascendant Released on PlayStation 4

Xbox One version will be out later

Underworld Ascendant, the fan-funded title from independent game studio OtherSide Entertainment, has released digitally for PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store. The game costs $24.99.

Check out PlayStation 4 trailer below:

The developers describe Underworld Ascendant as a fantasy RPG that challenges you to think creatively in an interactive sandbox environment. Players can mix and match dozens of combat, stealth and magic skills to develop their unique style of play and devise clever plans to overcome challenges as they navigate the foreboding Stygian Abyss. There are three classes available: warrior, rogue and mage.

Underworld Ascendant also doesn’t look too bad visually:

The console version of the game includes all previous updates of the PC version. They add features such as friendly save system, connectivity between all dungeons, more engaging and strategic skills and abilities, improved performance and AI as well as new content with more NPCs and quests.

OtherSide Entertainment also mentions that Xbox One version of the game is on its way and will be out sometime soon.