New Final Fantasy VII Remake Details and Screenshots

Game director Tetsuya Nomura talks character design, gameplay changes, new content and other differences of the remake

The newest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed a lot of Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots and artwork as well as some new details about the game.

The devs philosophy on character design, aesthetics and new content

Check out the high-res screengrabs from the game’s cutscenes below:

As for the details, here are the main points that were talked about by the game director Tetsuya Nomura:

  • The that appears at the end of E3 2019 trailer is called “Keeper of Fate”, and it’s a “mysterious existence“ that appears in front of the party. It’s one of the new elements added in the remake.
  • There are dialogue choices in the game. The devs created different scenes with different reactions from the characters based on a player’s choice.
  • Many iconic moments from the original FF VII are still presented in the remake, like the cross-dressing scene in the Honey Bee Inn. But the place itself was changed to fit modern design and the visuals of Remake.
  • The main story of Final Fantasy VII has not changed, but there are many new scenarios. For example, the scene where Cloud and Jesse run away on their bikes will fighting enemies was shown in the latest trailer. It’s one of the reasons why Remake will be such a big game.
  • Nomura confirmed something that the fans have already noticed, the team decided to further separate heroines Aerith and Tifa visually. Aerith’s appearance follows western aesthetics, while with Tifa they have redefined her face to follow eastern aesthetics.
  • It was mentioned that the team is aiming for more realistic costume design this time. For example, Tifa’s suspenders were remade to look like real military gear, while her gloves resemble something that’s often used for riding bikes. The body silhouette of the characters remains pretty much the same, though.
  • Designers wanted to visualize Tifa’s abs, so they gave her body a look of an athlete. The internal ethics department of Square Enix also instructed them to constrict her breasts (meaning make her clothes to be tighter, not to reduce her chest size). That will help her look more natural during intense action.

The gameplay changes

There are many new gorgeous screenshots of the gameplay, which can be seen below:

Here’s what the gameplay will be like:

  • The battle system is a pure hybrid of action and tactics. The action part emphasizes the sense of exhilaration and lets players use shortcuts. The ATB gauge, on the other hand, will allow a more tactical approach for those who prefer command-style RPGs. You can swap between the two styles on the fly.
  • You can switch between characters using one button. Each character has different abilities which are more suitable for certain situations and enemies. For example, the scorpion boss from the trailer has short-range attacks, so it’s a good strategy to switch to Barret and shoot it from a distance.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake is being made both with the fans of the original and newcomers in mind. Nomura promised that everyone will enjoy the game in their own way, as it not only developed to match the modern standards of the gaming industry but also includes many new places and content that weren’t in the original version.

The first game of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series will include only the original’s first city Midgar. It will release on PS4 on March 3, 2020.

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