Fan-Made Half-Life 3 Game Gets Fifth Progress Update Video

Their game already has levels, art and working gameplay

A group of very dedicated Half-Life fans called The Project Borealis Team has released their fifth update video on making Project Borealis. It’s a name for their own "Half-Life 3" game based on the Episode 3 script published by the series writer Marc Laidlaw.

You can watch the video below:

What was shown in the video?

This particular update is focused on the development process of a single level from concept art to a playable level. It’s a part of the game where Gordon Freeman is forced to travel alone through arctic caves and abandoned tunnels. The team’s artists first draw some pieces based on the Laidlaw’s script, then they make a complete top-down layout of the level and place key points, allies, and enemies. The Project Borealis Team then use just some basic shapes to model the level’s early prototype for iteration. After everything is set and tested, the artists draw more concrete pieces and designers start to fill the level with detail and specific gameplay features.

Fan-Made Half-Life 3 Game Gets Fifth Progress Update Video-1

What’s already been made?

While there are still lots and lots of placeholders, Project Borealis is actually playable. It has working core mechanics, enemies with AI, various interactions with the environment, physics and more. The enemies (arctic headcrabs, for example) can hide in the snow, red barrels explode and some parts of the scenery actually have physics-based destruction. The developers also implemented a pretty advanced technology of dynamic OST sampling to match what’s happening with the player.

The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4, as Source is considered outdated and ineffective by the team, and it doesn’t have UE4 Chaos Physics and FEM Deformation technology. These two solutions will help the devs to create a game with more advanced destruction and realistic physics while maintaining a good performance.

When will Project Borealis release?

Project Borealis currently doesn’t have a release date, and the devs are planning to distribute the game for free (however, that may change in the future). You can follow updates about the project or even join the team on their website.