Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok

An unusual cosplay experiment with Mortal Kombat elements

Ksenia Rogutenok is a talented photographer from Novosibirsk, Russia (you might have visited it if you played Metro Exodus). You may have not known her name but surely seen her works. Among them, you could find creative experiments in which familiar characters appear in new scenes or which combine two different universes. This photoset belongs to the latter category as it combines the elements of the third Witcher and the Mortal Kombat series. We’ll note that it is published exclusively on our site. Elena Samko as Triss, Fragaria Zefir as Yennefer, Alexey Dyoshin as Geralt.

Elena Samko has been involved in cosplay since 2014. She always strives for maximum authenticity, so her heroines look just like in the original source. The Witcher has a special place in Elena’s works – her portfolio includes almost all female characters of this universe, from beautiful sorceresses to Noonwraith.

Olga (Fragaria Zefir) has been in cosplay since 2016. Her passion for cosplay marked the beginning of a strong friendship with Elena and Ksenia. Beautiful sorceresses, godling Sarah, Dryad from The Witcher universe and Celtic warrior Senua from Hellblade are among Olga’s most known works.

Alexey Dyoshin has been interested in cosplay since 2015. His first image was Jack Sparrow. In 2015–2016, he finished first at five different festivals in Siberia. Since Alexey is a geologist, he had to take a break from cosplay due to work and expeditions. In 2017, he returned as the Witcher.

Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok-1
The photoset starts at the place which is well known to all fans of the third Witcher – at the Vegelbud ball. This meeting will determine whether the character can rebuild his relationship with Triss. Obviously, the red-haired sorceress wants to continue their romance. Fortunately, the ball provides plenty of time to talk, drink, hug. But what if…
Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok-2
…Yennefer is there (by chance or on purpose)?
Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok-3
She will not allow her opponent to once again seduce her beloved Witcher!
Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok-4
However, Triss is well aware of Yenn’s feelings and does not want to let her take Geralt away. What will happen? A fight in the best traditions of Mortal Kombat?
Exclusive The Witcher 3 Photoset by Ksenia Rogutenok-5
Yes, indeed!
Who will win – Yennefer or Triss? You get to choose – click on the name of your favorite sorceress and see how the battle ends.