New The Sinking City Gameplay With the Developer’s Commentary Revealed

Losing sanity is bad, but it also helps you to be a brilliant detective

IGN has released a new video with exclusive The Sinking City gameplay from E3 2019. Journalists also invited Frogware community manager Sergei Oganesyan to discuss Ukranian studio’s upcoming game.

You can watch the full video below:

Here are the most important points from the interview and the demo:

  • The developers call The Sinking City “a supernatural detective thriller” set in a dark and very Lovecraftian version of 1920s United States.
  • Main protagonist Charles Reed is slowly losing his sanity experiencing horrors that are happening around him.
  • The game is completely open-world and the player doesn’t have clear directions of where to go.
  • You have to investigate what caused the unexplainable flood that hit the city hard, transformed it and brought monsters.
  • There are moral choices and optional side-quests as well as optional clues that may help you make more “educated” decisions.
  • The Sinking City has a handgun, Tommy gun, other weapons and battles with monsters that have different abilities and hostile humans, but it would be wise for a player to avoid any unnecessary fights since you don’t have much ammo.
  • Each time Charles Reed sees something “really disturbing”, he will have an “insanity attack” that will further damage his already fragile mental state.
  • There is a crafting system, you can also make bullets, but resources are very scarce.
  • You can level up some “quality of life” skills and get more powerful weapons, but there will always be dangers that you “just want to run away” from.
  • No jumpscares, but a lot of tension and suspense.
  • Reed’s insanity gives him supernatural ability to reconstruct certain events. But if you lose too much sanity (which is shown right next to your HP), you’ll start to see visions, phantom enemies and objects, etc.
  • The game is set in Lovecraft’s universe and it’s not limited to easter eggs. The Sinking City has similar themes like the fear of insignificance and other psychological topics. You will also meet Innsmouthers from Lovecraft’s lore, a hybrid of Deep Ones and humans.
  • Game’s detective mechanics are based on the studio’s rich experience from making Sherlock Holmes games.
  • There are story-based underwater sections in a special suit with flares and something that looks like a harpoon.

The Sinking City is set to release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on June 27.