18 Minutes of New Control Gameplay Released

Telekinetic abilities, extradimensional monsters and many secrets in Remedy’s upcoming sci-fi adventure

As Control moves closer to its August release date, more materials from the game surface online. Now, thanks to GameSpot, we’ve got an 18 minutes video of raw gameplay. There’s a good look of game’s characters, mechanics and even a piece of its mysterious story.

Check out the full video below, if you have time:

Otherwise, we’ve got you covered with a short list of what we’ve learned from the video:

18 Minutes of New Control Gameplay Released-1
  • We are introduced to an eccentric janitor named Ahti who seems to be an important character and probably knows a lot about what’s going on in the Bureau. The other new character is Security Chief Arish, who wears some fancy hi-tech protection from the mysterious force called the Hiss.
  • There are main quests and some optional missions to be taken.
  • The map is not linear, the player can explore different areas and find more side activities like investigating anomalies, doing favors for characters or straight up falling through the floor into interdimensional traps.
  • The video shows rooms with optional challenges that involve heavy platforming and the usage of main character’s supernatural abilities like Evade and Air-Evade.
  • The Hiss has caused anomalies in the Bureau’s very Aperture and Black Mesa-looking building and has taken control over some people there, transforming them into some kind of monsters.
  • Main protagonist Jesse can level up her abilities like Launch and Melee or increase her Health and Energy and use fast travel at Control Points on the map after you capture them by killing every enemy in the area. Some foes look like normal people with red eyes, others remind floating spiders or even giant headcrabs.
  • The environment can be hostile, too. In one area of the demo, Jesse was attacked by evil alien goo, which can spit deadly spores and has to be cleaned up by shooting its weak spots.
  • You will rely on throwing objects into enemies with telekinetic powers as much as you will on shooting.
  • Jesse can’t regen health on her own, you’ll have to collect special shards from the killed enemies to heal. They also drop mods and materials that are used for upgrades.
  • There are some simple puzzles that you can solve with your abilities.
  • Jesse’s powers use the energy bar that refills quickly on its own.
  • Looks like your weapon regenerates its ammo each time you reload.

Remedy’s Control will release August 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.