Devolver Digital E3 2019 Press Conference Highlights

The publisher’s demonstration was flavored with signature humor and featured five trailers

Press conference in a nutshell

  • Once again, Devolver limited itself to a 20-minute video.
  • Multiplayer arcade game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was announced for PC and PS4.
  • Devolver Bootleg – Devolver games’ rip-offs from Devolver itself.
  • New trailer for ‘’reverse horror’’ Carrion.
  • Enter The Gungeon will have a version for arcade machines.
  • Old school platformer The Messenger will get a free DLC

As usual, Devolver Digital showed a pre-recorded show rather than a live press conference. The publisher decided to move from stage performances to Nintendo Direct format.

First of all, Devolver showed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – a multiplayer arcade game for 100 players from the London studio Mediatonic Games. The authors promise hyperactive chaos and several types of challenges, from competitive to cooperative. The game will be released in 2020 on PC and PS4.

Devolver Bootleg is a set of eight ‘’original rip-offs’’ of Devolver Digital games. In Steam, the set costs $4.94 and includes:

  • Enter The Gun Dungeon – dungeon crawler in which everything is created from guns and bullets.
  • Hotline Milwaukee – a brutal high-speed stealth action.
  • Ape Out Jr. – an arcade platformer. The gamer plays as an orange gorilla who kills everyone on his path to see his father again.
  • Shootyboots – a game about a boy with a huge boot-gun who is falling into a well.
  • Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship – a competitive fighting game for two players.
  • Catsylvania – a game about a cat in armor which is a parody on a well-known series.
  • PikuBiku Balls Stars – a cooperative arcade for two players.
  • Luftrousers – a version of Luftrausers with a typo which was forgotten in a café.

After this, Devolver showed a new trailer for ‘’reverse horror’’ Carrion in which the user controls an octopus monster. In the press conference, the game was announced for 2020, while Steam specifies an exact release date – June 1. The game will be released on PC and consoles.

House of the Gundead – a version of Enter the Gungeon for arcade machines. It is delivered with light guns and with the arcade machine itself, costs $5,000 and is released in early 2020.

The latest Devolver’s announcement on E3 2019 is a free DLC Picnic Panic for the old-school platformer The Messenger. It will be released for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 11.

Here’s the video of Devolver Digital press conference on E3 2019:

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