15 Games That You Can Beat in a Couple of Minutes

We selected 15 games including Far Cry 4 and 5, Nier: Automata, Devil May Cry 5 and other titles that take less than 15 minutes to finish and explained how to do it

Sometimes, developers leave loopholes for players that allow them to complete the game at the very beginning. This is done with the help of Easter Eggs, secret endings and other ways to quickly beat the game. We have selected 15 games in which you’ll have to spend just a couple of minutes to get to the final credits.

Beware of spoilers!

The Secret of Monkey Island and The Curse of the Monkey Island

A legendary series of quests from LucasArts which tells about adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, his fight against the pirate LeChuck and his relationship with Elaine Marley. The games of this series are known for their sense of humor which often breaks the fourth wall. For example, in The Secrets of Monkey Island, Guybrush finds a big stump with a crack in the forest – it leads to an extensive network of catacombs. However, when you try to get inside, the game asks you to insert disks 22, 36, and 114, after which the protagonist says: ‘’Oh, well. I guess I can’t go down there. I’ll just have to skip that part of the game.’’

The joke was cut from later editions of the game as LucasArts’ support was overwhelmed with complaints stating that an incomplete game was sold to customers

Thanks to another developers’ joke, you won’t have to spend several hours to beat the game. The player can win at any (!) moment. To do this, you need to press CTRL + W (first part) or Shift + W (third part) and answer affirmatively to the question ‘’Are you sure you want to win?’’. While this final can hardly be called exciting, this method of beating the game still exists. This ‘’cheat’’ was removed from the remaster of the game which was released in 2009.


In a sense, the first two games of the Fallout series are the quintessence of the classical understanding of the term ‘’open world’’. Despite the lack of a unified and seamless world, the series provides the player with absolute freedom of movement without setting limits. You can use this (with due skill and certain starting characteristics of the character) to skip almost all game content.

Fallout speedrunners prefer the Russian version from 1C which allows you to save about 30 seconds of real time due to the features of entry-exit from combat

When you first leave Vault 13, you are not obliged to follow Overseer’s direction. Instead of moving to the east to Vault 15, you can turn to the west and get to Mariposa military base in a few minutes after the start of the game. Find the central computer and initiate the destruction of the base. You can also quickly get the water chip in Necropolis and, having reached the cathedral, blow it up from an underground terminal, completely bypassing the final boss. This is followed by a triumphant return to the native Vault and an exile, a quarter of an hour after the beginning of the game.

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There is also a ‘’bad’’ ending which can be obtained even faster. To get this ending, you need to surrender to mutants at the military base or to Master at the cathedral, revealing the location of Vault 13. In this final, the player becomes part of the mutant army while Vault 13 gets destroyed

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Having disembarked from the ship in Vvardenfell province and having gone through a brief character creation procedure, the player de-facto falls into a huge sandbox in which he is free to do what he wants. This applies to upgrades of the character, completion of quests and exploration of the world. All key characters are already placed in their positions and wait for the player, including the final boss, Dagoth Ur, on the Red Mountain. His high level and a long way full of obstacles interfere with your desire to beat him. But what if you can solve these problems?

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‘’Levitate’’ is the faster way to get through Ghostfence which surrounds the crater of the Red Mountain

Many speedrunners use various bugs and exploits to speed up the playthrough but there are legal ways to quickly beat the game. Using simple manipulations with the sale of things to certain merchants, you can quickly get a decent starting capital, buy ingredients and fully use one of the skills – alchemy. We start by brewing potions that increase intellect which, in turn, increases the efficiency of potions.

After we bring this attribute to huge values, we create potions which increase other characteristics. Then, use levitation to get to the Red Mountain. There, we collect necessary items, easily beat Dagoth Ur, destroy the Heart of Lorkhan and beat the game in less than 15 minutes. You can also ‘’fly’’ through the game in less than 5 minutes.

To get bonuses of intellect, speed and alchemy, the author has chosen an Argonian Assassin born under the sign of the Steed

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon DS

Harvest Moon is a series of cozy farm life simulators. Since the release of the first game back in 1996, Harvest Moon has gained popularity in Japan and other countries. In total, developers released more than 25 games of this series, and at least two of them deserve a place in our list.

In Harvest moon: A Wonderful Life, the player assumes the role of a young man who inherits a broken farm. He will have to feed animals, grow crops, find the girl of his dreams, etc. – unless you deny such a future. In a small dialogue at the beginning of the game, one of the characters offers you to try the role of a farmer. In case you refuse, the hero simple moves away, and the game ends.

Farm life is not for everyone

In Harvest Moon DS, the player may use his fists and at the same time finish the game prematurely. Soon after you move to the new town, the mayor comes to meet you, making fun of the farm. The character tries to hit the offender but misses. His faithful dog comes to the rescue and attacks the mayor. He asks for mercy, and you can choose whether you help him or not. If you refuse to help, the screen turns white, and credits appear.

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Despite the popularity of the universe, the famous Matrix had back luck with game incarnations. Enter the Matrix, Path of Neo, Matrix Online all failed to conquer the gaming community. Nevertheless, Path of Neo offers the player an original way to end the game. As in the film, Morpheus offers Neo two pills: the red one is the exit from Matrix, and the blue one is the continuation of oblivion. Choose the blue one – you will hear that Morpheus made a mistake, and Neo will wake up to the alarm clock in the morning and forget about everything.

Not the Chosen One

Super Paper Mario

It seems that Mario is destined to save the world but not in Super Paper Mario – one of the spin-offs of the series. During the long prologue, Merlon calls upon Mario to save the world one more time. However, this time the hero has a choice – he can refuse. Frightened, Merlon tries to convince Mario, but if you refuse two more times, the wizard will say that the world is doomed, and Game Over will appear on the screen.

The whole game is full of rebel spirit: Mario can join the main villain or skip the fight at the most crucial moment

Shadow Complex

Highly rated at the time, action-platformer Shadow Complex was developed by Chair Entertainment with active support from Epic Games. Back in 2009, the game was repeatedly nominated, received prestigious awards and also got good sales.

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Remaster of the game was released in 2016 on all main platforms

The storyline tells about Jason Fleming who went hiking in the mountains together with his girlfriend Claire. Soon, Claire disappears in the caves. During the search, the protagonist finds an underground complex which is full of soldiers and secret tech. The main task of the hero is to save Claire and reveal the secret of the base. However, this is not required to complete the game. Having seen Claire’s kidnappers, Jason may return to his SUV, say ‘’Plenty More Fish In The Sea’’, leaving the girl behind, and finish the game.

Gone Home

The main character, Katie Greebriar, returns home after a year abroad and finds that her entire family has disappeared. An ominous note from her sister hangs on the door of the house – it urges the heroine to abandon the search. This is followed by a fascinating journey through an empty house which ultimately leads the player to the finish of the game.

Despite the fact that Gone Home can be completed in a couple of hours of real time, developers allow you to finish the game in less than a minute. To do this, you need to find a key in a secret room which is located right after the entry to the house to the right from the stairs. Then, you should go to the second floor, open the attic and read the diary. This is one of the fastest games on our list.

The storyline implies that Katie finds the secret room only at the end of the game, but both the key and the room are available to you right from the start

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable has a minimalist story delivered with the help of the Narrator who also indicates what you should do in the game. However, the player is not obliged to obey the Narrator’s voice. For example, at the very beginning after the phrase ‘’Stanley stood up from his desk and walked out of the office’’ you may refuse to follow the instructions, close the door, hear the accusation of cowardice and end the game.

According to many players, the quick ending is a ‘’good’’ one since in this case Kyrat does not plunge into a bloody slaughter

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 was one of the most notable games of 2014 not only because of its open world, gameplay or storyline but also because of its unique quick ending. In the game, you play as a character who tries to bring mother’s ash back to a fictional Asian country of Kyrat. This country is ruled by cruel warlord Pagan Min – the main antagonist of the game. However, in the prologue, after Min leaves you to eat and goes about his business, you can wait for 15 minutes instead of playing the game – Min will return and personally take the hero to the place where the ash must be dispelled. After this, the game ends, and the player won’t experience numerous challenges of Kyrat.

Some consider this ending to be a ''good'' one since in this case Kyrat doesn't turn into a bloodbath

Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5, the player in a group of US marshals arrives in Hope County to catch the main antagonist of the game, Joseph Seed. The arrest attempt starts the main storyline which is over 25 hours long. However, this is not a required condition to finish the game. The player may simply avoid handcuffing Joseph, peacefully ending the game 10 minutes after the start. This raises the question of character motivation. In Far Cry 4, the main goal was to get mother’s ash to Kyrat so accepting Min’s proposal was a logical move. In Far Cry 5, the protagonist’s main task was to arrest Seed, so the alternative ending looks more like a reference to the previous part than a full completion of the game. On the other hand, the main character could have gotten scared and changed his mind having seen the army of fanatics.

Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata has as many as 26 endings – one for each letter of the Latin alphabet. With the exception of the first five endings which are determined by the full completion of the game, the remaining endings are obtained for non-standard actions of the player. In this list, we are interested in ending T or ‘’fa[T]al error’’ which can be obtained from the very beginning of the game.

In Nier: Automata, one of the elements of the tutorial is the installation and removal of chips that improve character characteristics or provide new abilities. Among these chips, there is one which the game strongly recommends not to remove – ‘’OS chip’’ (operation system). However, you still have the ability to remove this chip. If you do this, a critical error occurs when the system is rebooted. Credits appear on the screen, and the player gets ending T.

We Happy Few

Despite the presence of former Arkane Studios employees among We Happy Few developers, the game received quite low ratings from critics and players. Nevertheless, the storyline was full of unexpected turns, and the atmosphere of dystopia was really addictive. However, there was an opportunity to bypass all storyline twists by completing the walkthrough in the first 2-3 minutes. To do this, at the first signs of doubt in the system, you should have taken Joy so that the character forgot all doubts about the nature of the surrounding world. This looks like a reference to Matrix.

Devil May Cry 5

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A photo of all main characters is revealed after you have reached the secret ending

The last part of the Devil May Cry series got into our list thanks to the opportunity to finish the game in the prologue. To do this, you should defeat the demon lord Urizen playing for Nero. In this case, the events of the main storyline will not happen. However, defeating Urizen is not an easy task. He has a monstrous supply of health, and it’s much easier to open this ending after the first walkthrough. Also, it makes sense to try to kill the boss in Heaven or Hell regime in which both the heroes and enemies die from the first blow. Anyway, in theory, with incredible luck and skill, you can defeat Urizen during the very first walkthrough.

This victory over the boss yields Well I’ll Be Damned achievement (at any difficulty level)

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