Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights

We selected the most interesting moments from the reviews of the new game developed by Bloober Team

Released on May 28, Layers of Fear 2 is a psychological thriller, first-person, horror video game where you have to explore the troubled memories and psyche of a classical Hollywood actor. You find yourself aboard a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean where you have to shoot a movie.

We highlighted the most important and juicy details from several reviews of the game. The article may contain spoilers.

In case you missed, here's what the game looks like

Khee Hoon Chan at Rock, Paper, Shotgun

‘’Whether the game transpires in [main character’s] imagination, as part of a film, or is based in reality is left ambiguous, which stunts the game’s ability to conflate your fears with those of its protagonist’’

First, Khee Hoon Chan at Rock, Paper, Shotgun comments on the main motif of the game – mannequins – and points out that Layers Of Fear 2 uses them for jump-scares abundantly. Good thing is that the game doesn’t use mannequins to just represent some abstract fears and doesn’t follow a horror trope, but reference them as equipment in the actor’s life. But this mannequin motif could have been developed and used to address the actor’s turmoil. Instead of this, the game just relied on ‘vague allusions to his past’.

Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights-1
Unfortunately, mannequins appear to be just the aspects of spooky set design

Then, Khee Hoon Chan writes that the game is full of metaphors that could have been expanded on; getting collectibles and solving puzzles just come down to ‘’opening doors and examining items’’ routine. The actor’s recollections give you little context to his character, not allowing you to feel something for him.

Khee Hoon Chan qualified the game as having ‘’hints of inventiveness’’ after experiencing ‘’a frisson of chills’’ when the exit at the end of the corridor was unexpectedly caught in flames, and the camera was forcefully putting his perspective forward where mannequins block the path ahead.

All in all, the protagonist’s madness just shows his ‘’otherness’’ rather than his motivations. More importantly, the game ‘’dangerously romanticises’’ madness treating it as something creditable. In general, Layers of Fears 2 is based on traditional jump scares though having a great potential to reinforce the classic horror tropes.

Robert Zak at PC Gamer

‘’Layers of Fear 2 is a bloated beast, its early chilling atmosphere replaced by an attempt at psychoanalytical storytelling it doesn’t quite know how to handle’’

Robert Zak at PC Gamer starts with stating that it’s okay to repeat the horror tropes, but the trick is to reconfigure them so they can still surprise us. Layers of Fear 2 has these tropes but doesn’t have its own identity.

Three of five acts of the game you spend mostly as a younger version of yourself; the pacing is poor; horror movie references lack cohesion – all this makes the plot confused. While the first act builds tension and sets a tone, some subsequent segments lack any action, except puzzles. Some of them, like the slide projectors that create an eerie atmosphere, keep with the tone and theme of the game, but others are insane and can be compared with ‘‘the dark ages of '90s adventure game puzzle logic’’.

Robert Zak calls Layers of Fear 2 a game of loops which represent the obsessiveness of the actor’s mind, but the game failed to include this into the narrative, again creating this confusion.

Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights-2
As for the game’s scary techniques, you can experience jump-scare tricks which are at least 14 years old in the game industry, or witness The Shining and Ring scenes with ‘’an endless supply of mannequins’’ and zero context

There are, however, some new techniques like optical illusions that make you see spectral figures in your peripheral vision, or changing environments behind your back to disorient you. It blurs the line between ‘‘your own increasingly paranoid mind and the character’s sanity’’.

Thus, the game failed in an attempt to maintain the psychoanalytical storytelling and to have its own identity.

Ty Sheedlo at Screen Rant

‘’The world of Layers of Fear 2 is rife with fear of course, but also imagination. It's a world that earns a return visit, especially given the short play time’’

Ty Sheedlo at Screen Rant has a more positive look at the game. He compares the main character’s quest through the ship with a journey into the subconscious. The reviewer believes that the purpose of running from mannequins, returning to childhood, and playing pretend with the memory of a sister is to rebuild the protagonist by confronting what he’s done.

Admitting that actors don’t literally solve puzzles while building their career, Ty Sheedlo doesn’t mind them to be in the game. They generally have an obvious solution, but in their form and as a function to the game story he defines them ‘‘works of near genius’’.

Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights-3
For example, you need to shift the light in a projector to create a door, or fire a cannon and follow the light the projectiles create

As regards scaring, the game doesn’t go for just simple jump scare. The horrific moments are mostly ‘‘delicate and atmospheric’’. More than that, the attention to detail and lighting is amazing.

Each collectible (poster, audio recording, projector slide) that references to different movies like Wizard of Oz, The Shining, or A Trip to the Moon allows you to learn the actor’s character and his subconscious.

The reviewer concludes with stating the questions: ‘’If life is a stage, where does that put you?’ and ‘’What does it mean to be the captain of your own destiny?’’ Therein lies the message of the game.

Jordan Boyd at DualShockers

‘’Layers of Fear 2 is one of the best pure horror games I’ve played in some time’’

Jordan Boyd at DualShockers characterizes the game’s script as ‘‘enticing’’ that pushes you to move forward. You don’t have a feeling that the game has full control over you since you’re able to make choices near the end of every act. But the reviewer was disappointed with the final act which is ‘’incredibly uneventful’’ – there’s no payoff to all the key decisions you’ve made throughout each act. However, Jordan Boyd sees here a positive aspect: this act gives you the inspiration to play through the game again and again, and with New Game+ mode it becomes possible.

Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights-4
The mannequins will constatnly give you chills as you encounter them throughout the game

The reviewer states that horror in the game always serves some purpose, it’s not grotesque. It’s never too much, and the formless man acts as the only physical enemy, whose presence is quite creepy. Moreover, the way that mannequins move at an unnatural frame-rate gives you ‘’an uneasy feeling that’ll sit at the pit of your stomach’’ during the whole game.

Jordan Boyd emphasizes the impeccable sound design found throughout the game. Besides, the fact that Tony Todd – the horror legend – voiced The Director adds a sense of personality to the game’s story.

Layers of Fear 2 Review Highlights-5
Actor Tony Todd starred in such films as Candyman and Final Destination, and also voiced characters in several video games including Admiral Tommy Briggs in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

As for the horror movies references, the reviewer believes that Layers of Fear 2 has its own identity that ‘‘never gets overshadowed by its abundance of references’’.

Jordan Boyd concludes by saying that Bloober Team has managed to develop the game that is different from common horror tropes and creates something more exciting.

As you can see, the opinions vary. This probably comes from the game’s complex and open for interpretation nature. Despite all this, Layers of Fear 2 seems a perfect game for horror genre fans.

If you have any difficulties with your playthrough or finding collectible items, check out walkthrough to help you with it.