New Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The game is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 8

Sony has presented a new trailer for Hideo Kojima’s game, Death Stranding, that features characters shown before and a few new ones as well as gameplay footage, including combat and crafting system.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer is accompanied by ''Path'' performed by Finnish band Apocalyptica

Let’s take a closer look at what was shown in the trailer.

Characters and actors

The trailer introduced as to a couple of new characters and cast including Nicolas Winding Refn and Margaret Qualley. Character posters were revealed alongside.

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Sam — Norman Reedus
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Cliff — Mads Mikkelsen
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Fragile — Léa Seydoux
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Mama — Margaret Qualley
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Deadman — Guillermo del Toro
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Heartman — Nicolas Winding Refn
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Die-Hardman — Tommie Earl Jenkins
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Higgs — Troy Baker
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Amelie — Lindsay Wagner


While previously we were shown Sam exploring the game world, traversing through plains and rivers, this time Kojima prepared something new.

To reach difficult places, Sam can use a set of tools including a portable ladder, which allows him to climb high areas or cross rivers and cracks. Another tool demonstrated was a climbing anchor that is used to ascend and descend cliffs. However, players don’t have to explore the world solely on foot as Sam was shown riding a kind of a tricycle, while there was also a truck driven by human enemies.

Combat-wise, Sam can hide in the foliage to avoid being spotted by humans, run to dodge attacks or engage in hand-to-hand combat with the help of dropped cargo.


In the trailer, we see a few already shown as well as a couple of new locations — or biomes, so to say. This way, Sam travels across the mountain area, goes through a destroyed manmade location and climbs snowy mountains, sinking into the snow just like in Red Dead Redemption 2. Reedus’ character then finds himself in a dark forest and on a WWWI battlefield.

Hideo Kojima has commented on the trailer reveal and release date announcement, clarifying the premises of the game:

New Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer Revealed-10

The game will have four editions, including both digital and physical copies.

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Standard Edition — full game and pre-order bonus (Chibi Ludens avatar, PS4 dynamic theme, and four gold in-game items)
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Special Edition — full game, four gold in-game items, soundtrack, and a steelbook case
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Digital Deluxe Edition — contents of Standard Edition, soundtrack and four more gold in-game items
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Collector’s Edition — Digitital Deluxe Edition contents, steelbook case, BB Pod statue, Ludens key ring, andBRIDGES cargo case

As of now, Death Stranding is due out for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019.