Bloodlines 2 Introduces The Malkavian Clan

Fan-favorite clan from the first game returns at last

After showing us the Ventrue clan a week earlier, Paradox Interactive reveals the Malkavian clan.

The official trailer is available below:

The Malkavian clan was one of the most favorite clans of the first Bloodlines game. The vampires from this clan were memorable for their cryptic language and constant foreshadowing of future plot events. They also could talk to TVs and stop signs, which only added to their attractiveness.

Bloodlines 2 Introduces The Malkavian Clan-1

As all the other clans in the Bloodlines 2, the Malkavians have two disciplines: Dementation and Auspex. Those players who choose to master these disciplines will gain access to the following abilities:


  • Haunt — makes your target flee away;
  • Berserk — makes your target go, well, berserk and attack nearby NPCs or even slice some air.


  • Aura Sense — allows players to see characters through the walls and in the crowd, mark them for tracking and see their weaknesses;
  • Psychic Projection — use your astral form to explore the world around you and mark any characters.

The Malkavian clan is the fifth and the last clan from the game. Previously we have covered Tremere, Toreador and Ventrue clans.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 is set to release in Q1 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.