Steam Spring Cleaning Event is Live

You can earn a new badge and play some games for free until May 28

Launched on May 24, the Spring Cleaning Event lets users earn a new badge by taking part in daily activities and five projects that will help them to dust off their libraries. Completing each task will give you a trophy, and in order to unlock a badge, you will need five of those.

Steam Spring Cleaning Event is Live-1

The daily activities update every day, while you need to complete a project only once. The tasks vary from playing games you haven’t played in a while or simply never to playing a recommended game. Or if you feel like Indiana Jones, you should opt for Blast from the Past which requires you to play the first game you added to your Steam account.

There are also seven games listed that you can play for free until the event ends or purchase with a discount.

Here’s the list:

The event will last until May 28, so you have a few days to dust off your library. In the meantime, a possible launch date of Steam Summer Sale leaked some time ago, stating that the sale will start on June 25.