Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Detailed

The Two Colonels will take place in Dead City and will release in summer 2019, while Sam’s Story happening in Vladivostok will be available in Q1 2020

Deep Silver and 4A Games have revealed the details of two story-driven DLCs to be included in Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. In summer 2019, The Two Colonels will launch followed by Sam’s Story releasing at the beginning of the next year.

Beware the spoilers to the main story.

The Two Colonels

Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Detailed-1
Kirill waited for his father to return for several months so that they could leave Novosibirsk

In The Two Colonels, the players will take on the role of Colonel Khlebnikov, Kirill’s father from Dead City, who is coming back home for New Year’s Eve. The story will be linear, happening in closed environments, and will add a flamethrower to the weapon list.

Sam’s Story

Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Detailed-2
Before the events of Metro, Sam was an ex-marine trooper guarding the US embassy in Moscow

Another expansion, Sam’s Story, will be an open-world sandbox based on the city of Vladivostok. Searching for the way to return back home, Sam arrives in Vladivostok to find the city been destroyed by a tsunami. The Spartan Ranger will have to make his way through destroyed docks, industrial and residential areas.

Owners of the Expansion Pass will receive the stories for free, while others will have to purchase the expansions separately or with the Expansion Pass for $24.99. It is available on Epic Games, PlayStation and Microsoft stores.

Metro Exodus released on February 15, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.