First Epic Games Store Sale Features Sweet Pre-Order Deals

Don’t miss an oppurtunity to pre-order Borderlands 3, Bloodlines 2 and Control for lowered price before June 13

Today, on May 16, Epic Games Store has launched its first sale which will last until June 13 and includes both released games and pre-orders.

For all games that cost $14.99 and more, buyers will receive a $10 discount. Besides, those who pre-ordered an unreleased game before the sale for the same price range will receive a $10 refund. However, this doesn’t cover nongame purchases like DLCs, Season Passes or Fortnte’s V-bucks as stated in the FAQ.

First Epic Games Store Sale Features Sweet Pre-Order Deals-1

Here’s what’s on sale:


Update: Paradox decided not to take part in the sale and removed Bloodlines 2 from the store. The game will be listed again once the sale is over. Those who purchased the game with a discount will keep it.

EGS exclusives


[Updated] Quantic Dream games

If you’ve been thinking of getting Metro: Exodus or pre-ordering Borderlands 3 but were not satisfied with the price, don’t miss your chance. Don’t spend all, however, as Steam Summer Sale will begin shortly after.