Bloodlines 2 Introduces the Toreador Clan

‘A beautiful way to die’ — meet the hedonists of Seattle

Following the introduction of the Tremere clan, Paradox Interactive have released a new trailer revealing the fourth clan, the Toreador.

You can see the trailer below:

The Toreador clan, also known as the Clan of Rose, is one of the most powerful in Seattle and has been present there since the pioneer times. They love art and beauty in all forms, and can be met on dance floors or in art galleries, always looking for new experience and inspiration.

Bloodlines 2 Introduces the Toreador Clan-1
A Toreador vampire

The developers have also shared some details about the abilities the clan has. This way, a player who decided to join the Toreador will receive the Presence and Celerity disciplines.

Bloodlines 2 Introduces the Toreador Clan-2
Presence allows the Toreador to control the crowd, either to distract it or change its attitude. The first active power is Awe that freezes everyone around making them forgot what they just saw. Another power is Entrance that enchants people around who follow the vampire all the way distracting enemies
Bloodlines 2 Introduces the Toreador Clan-3
Another discipline is Celerity that makes the Toreador faster and improves dodging. When using Unseen Storm, the player can dash to avoid or inflict blows, and even known down a foe on their way. Accelerate makes the vampire extremely fast, while the world around slows down enabling the player to avoid attacks and bullets easily

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 is set to release in Q1 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.