Rage vs Rage 2: How the Sequel Is Better Than the Original Game

Here’s why you should pay attention to the second part of the series and why the first game is not that fun compared to it

Eight years ago, Rage wanted to get into the big league but ended as a decent but average game. The sequel’s task was to correct the mistakes of the original game, but how will Rage 2 surprise and entertain players? Let’s look at the differences between the two games and the new features from developers.

Game World

As many as 136 years have passed after the fall of the asteroid, and the world is slowly recovering. Vegetation appears thanks to special capsules with biomass that were positioned on the Earth’s orbit. After the activation of all remaining Arks in the final of the first Rage, these capsules rushed to the planet and restarted plant growth. New climatic zones have appeared: in addition to deserts, players can visit jungles and swamps.

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The local world is mostly familiar: you will find hub towns in which the protagonist receives quests, and Authority outposts scattered around the former Wasteland. The area available for research is filled with both on-ground and underground structures where the game’s storyline will unfold.

Main Character

Thirty years that have passed since the end of the previous game were sufficient enough for the Ark inhabitants to settle down. However, they failed to defeat the Authority. Actually, followers of General Cross caused conflict between ranger Walker – the main character of the game – and the Authority at the beginning of Rage 2. Authority’s men destroyed Vineland where Walker settled. Enraged at the Authority, the ranger starts his revenge.

Being a ‘’second generation’’ colonist, Walker, unlike Nicholas Raine, the protagonist of the original game, uses nanotrites to get a defibrillator which resurrects him in case of critical health damage but also to get a whole set of special abilities designed to diversify the gameplay.

Shatter – power push:

Vortex – mini black hole:

Barrier – power shield:

Slam – a jump and a blow at the ground:

Overdrive – an analogue of quad damage from Quake which boosts both weapons and abilities:

All abilities can be upgraded in comparison to the original Rage released in 2011 which completely lacked such skills. Also, the main character is now talking.


If the developers wanted to show a mad world in the first part of the game, they failed at this task. Yes, the bandits who looked as if they have just exited Mad Max, and Mutant Bash TV (a bloody show in the amusement park decorations) added some spice to the local brown setting, but everything else was dead serious.

In Rage 2, id Software together with Avalanche radically changed their approach starting with the color spectrum of the game. Enough of boring wastelands – neon pink has come to the rescue.

Gameplay dynamics are enhanced by the absence of shelters which makes you move around the battlefield and use Walker’s abilities.

To make things crazier, developers introduced cheat codes into the game – they correspond with the general spirit of the project:

  • Git Gud. Oh, that sweet omnipotence. Thanks to this cheat, all enemies die from one blow. That’s not fair, but everyone will know who the real One Punch Man is.
  • Son of Thor. Remember Thor in the final battle of Ragnarok? You’ll get the same power without ‘’Are you the God of Hammers?’’. Anyone who doubts this will get hit.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat. This is simply ridiculous – a cheat code for a reverse ejection. An ordinary catapult throws a player out of the Phoenix cockpit while the rejector launches Phoenix into the sky while the player remains on the ground.
  • He’s On Fire. This cheat code provides you with the commentary of the game voiceover legend Tim Kitzrow. BOOMSHAKALAKA.

You can get some cheats right from the start by placing an order for a Deluxe edition. The rest should be bought from Wasteland Wizard – a mysterious magician hiding in the desert.


It’s hard to say why the first Rage needed an open world at all. Sure, the idea of combining shooter mechanics from Doom with a post-apocalypse setting in Fallout traditions looked interesting. However, all main gameplay took place in classical corridors that were isolated from the rest of the map, leaving the gigantic space of the Wasteland a role of an annoying element in which only the first hour of the gameplay was interesting.

At this point, Avalanche studio, which created sandboxes for Just Cause and Mad Max, came to the rescue – a joint work of the two teams can really provide players with something explosive. In addition, there is no loading between locations, while the global map has classic additional activities and points of interest.

The developers wanted to create sandboxes in which you’ll be able to interact with anything you can see and get a response. The plot, as well as the influence of hero’s actions on the world, is promising to be non-linear. For example, merchants who were previously afraid of bandits can return to the location after you have cleared it.


Due to the senselessness of the open world in the original game, the vehicles were sluggishly crafted. Yes, you could participate in races, fight against enemies on the global map and even customize vehicles, but there was no reason to do it as the single purpose of the vehicle was to take you from point A to point B.

The sequel promises a lot more – both in quantity and quality. The main character has a personal transport – Phoenix. However, no one forbids you from taking any vehicle and ride it across the game world. Body kits and guns are still there. In addition, tanks, racing cars and even aircraft will be available to the player.

Also, you can assault convoys in Rage 2:


Weapons were, perhaps, the best implemented feature of the original game.

However, just like other components of the game, it was ordinary. Standard. Serious. Boring. In the sequel, in addition to the classic arsenal (by the way, each weapon has two firing modes), developers added several interesting guns:

Grav-Dart Launcher – an interesting weapon which allows you to send enemies to the specified point…

… or pull objects to the opponents:

Firestorm Revolver will make you feel like Thanos:

Savvy players may come up with many ways of combining various types of weapons…

… and special abilities:


If there are weapons, there should be enemies. One of the features of Rage 2011 were factions – groups of opponents differing in ideology, appearance and combat tactics.

Rage vs Rage 2: How the Sequel Is Better Than the Original Game-2
  • Ghosts – crazy cannibals with phenomenal dexterity who prefer to use cold weapons like reaping hooks and kitchen knives.
  • Wasted – anarchists who use British symbols and love hanging tons of weapons on any cart – they are good at car fights. In ordinary battles, they prefer explosives and firearms.
  • Shrouded – the most technologically advanced clan in Northern Wasteland. They have fighters with miniguns and shotguns, making them one of the most dangerous opponents.
  • Gearheads – techies with a Slavic accent who settled at Eastern Wasteland. They use turrets and security bots.
  • Jackals – an analogue of Ghosts whose unique weapons are … balloons with explosives.

Besides bandits, the game had various mutants. The most notable one was Cyber Crusher who had the size of a multi-storied building.

In Rage 2, the player will fight against:

Immortal Shrouded (they were mortal in the first part of the game) who have invisible samurai.

River Hogs who obviously played too much MechWarrior:

Goon Squad (Wasted in the original game).

Authority, which upgraded its soldiers to cyborgs.

And even a new Cyber Crusher (with a laser thing on his head).

As we can see, joint efforts of Avalanche and id Software produced an interesting result – Rage 2 is materially different from the first Rage. We’ll soon learn whether Rage 2 will get better reviews than the original game.