Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12

We picked the most interesting cosplay works that were published over the week including John Wick, Quiet and Kaileena from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

New photosets

Freya Veles as modern Snow White

Over the past couple of months, Freya Veles has been telling a story of modern Snow White. In a series of photographs we could see how her relationship with the Prince has been developing. The last part shows the girl after a fight with the Prince as she decided to drown her grief in strong cider. For the whole story, visit the cosplayer’s webpage. Photographer — Andrew Fire.

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Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-3

Yakov Vasilyev as John Wick

In a new photoset shot by Nikolay Zharov, cosplayer Yakov Vasilyev has performed as deadly assassin John Wick, also known as Baba Yaga. It’s worth noting that with makeup on it’s hard to tell the cosplayer from Keanu Reeves, while the light and post-editing make it look like the movie itself.

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Octokuro as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

Quiet’s storyline is the best part of Phantom Pain’s plot, so it’s no surprise that new cosplay works appear quite regularly. Octokuro’s cosplay has turned out to be one of the impressive ones over the past couple of years. Besides, the cosplayer has presented a cosplay video.

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Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-8

Vlad Sulyanov as Zoltan Chivay

Zoltan’s cosplay from Vlad Sulyanov illustrates some of the dwarf’s most iconic phrases. Compared to other Witcher sets, this looks quite fresh. Shot by 412Art.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-9
I’d rather die clever than live with fools
Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-10
Just because a woman doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it
Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-11
Don’t you mess with us or you’ll lose something precious of yours

Milena Dereka and her Kaileena from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

You can often see cosplay based on Kaileena, and recently, a new one has appeared. This time, Milena Dereka performed as the heroine. Seeing such works evokes memories of 2004 and saddens you when you realize that Ubisoft has apparently abandoned the Prince of Persia series. Photos were taken by EVA.

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Lada Lyumos as Adda the White from The Witcher

In the new photoshoot taken by Kira Mitenkova, Lada Lyumos has performed as the princess of Temeria, Adda the White. In case you forgot, the girl was cursed and turned into a striga twice, in the book series and the first video game. The player had a choice either to kill Adda or lift the curse. Lada’s Adda is a seducing but deadly creature.

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Teasers and test cosplay

Oichi as Nanami Momozono

Oichi has revealed the first photograph from the upcoming photoset where she performed as pretty-looking Nanami Momozono from the anime Kamisama Kiss. The photograph was taken by Valery Kotov.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-18

Anya iChios as Black Widow

With the new Marvel movie out, Avengers: Endgame, Anya iChios has made a trial version of Black Widow’s new outfit. Whether this will become a full cosplay set — time will show. To your notice, Anya has already released a Black Widow set where she put on Natasha Romanoff’s classic black leather suit.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-19

Irina Sabetskaya as Lilith

The announcement of Borderlands 3 was great news not only for the series’ fans but also for action RPG lovers. This was followed by numerous cosplay works based on the original dilogy characters. Here, we want to draw your attention to Irina’s photoset teaser of Lilith.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-20

Alisa Arefyeva as the Black Hole

After the first photograph of the black hole was published, several cosplayers decided to try on this unusual role. Here is a photoset teaser by Alisa Arefyeva. The black hole turned out to be a gorgeous but dangerous lady.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-21

In the cover of the digest:

Ksenia Shelkovskaya as Shelob from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The photo was taken by Aku.

Weekly Cosplay Digest: May 6-12-22

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