VALLHALL New Trailer Tells Us a Lot About the Game

The trailer details combat system, microtransactions and community feedback

Kiev-based studio Blackrose Arts have released a new trailer for their upcoming game VALHALL. This game is a free battle royale set in Viking setting, where the players fight to retrieve the sword of Odin and stop Ragnarök.

The first two minutes of the video is a cinematic trailer, while the rest is a proper developer update. The developers talk about various parts of their game, discussing and showcasing some gameplay mechanics:

We have highlighted the most important parts of the video for you below:

The combat system

Blackrose Arts have been working hard on something they call "combat system 2.0". It is dynamic and free combat, where you can use the left mouse button to control types, direction and angle of attack. It all depends on the direction you move your mouse while performing the desired attack. All weapons have their own optimal distances, so the player will have to account for that as well.

VALHALL can be played from a first or third person view. The game features a set of animations for both perspectives that look accuracte and immersive for the Viking period.

Dynamic dodge system allows you to dodge in any direction by pressing any move button and dodge button simultaneously. After successfully avoiding an attack, a counter-attack can be initiated. The game also features sliding mechanics, which can be useful to break up you attack and catch your opponent off guard.

Vikings mostly used longbows as their ranged weapons, and VALHALL stays true to that fact. You can freely control the distance and strength of the arrow by reducing or increasing the amount you pull back your bowstring. No crosshairs for the bows — the team decided to make archery more hardcore and realistic after feedback from initial trailers. Breath-holding is automatic in this game — it starts fter staying still for 2 seconds and ends after additional 5 seconds of staying.

VALHALL features both first and third person perspectives but combats corner peeking. If the player is in third person view, the camera will zoom in to his character the moment he tries to move behind a wall or corner.

The game will have minimalistic HUD, although it was completely removed in this trailer. You will see your health and stamina, as those are paramount to your success in battle. As the stamina drains, character’s movements will become slower and less effective. The developers also decided to tie speed and health together, so the near-death enemies won’t be able to run away once they realize they are losing.

Communication with backers and feedback

The team plans to keep the community updated at all times on the improvements and changes they make and plan to implement. They frequently post updates on their Indiegogo page and ask for players opinion and input in their Discord.

Due to the wishes of the community, the developers are launching closed Alpha test of the game soon. Each backer with Beta access will receive Alpha for free. It is worth noting that the Alpha is highly unstable — the developers don’t recommend playing the game until Beta release, which will arrive in 1.5-3 months.

Blackrose Arts have set on releasing a polished game and they don’t want to rush it. However, they decided to let the backers play it at early stages due to their wishes and possible development input. All Alpha participants will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Microtransactions and cosmetics

VALHALL is not a pay2win game, but will feature a variety of cosmetic items, which will allow you to look "like a boss". Authors promise that those won’t impact gameplay in any way and won’t give any unfair advantage. The team is actually fairly proud of their cosmetics, praising their artists and comparing them to blacksmiths.

You can still take part in the development of VALHALL by supporting Blackrose Arts on their Indiegogo page.