Nomads of the Fallen Star Coming Soon to Mobile Devices

This ambitious RPG project, developed by solo developer Anh Huy Phan, is coming soon, to iOS and Android

Nomads of the Fallen Star is a bit of a deviation from the standard mobile game formula of recent years. It is a fleshed out, open world experience with turn-based grid combat, and detailed 2D visuals. What really sets it apart from previous titles in the genre, however, is the approach to the gameplay. It’s more reminiscent of classic PC titles like Heroes of Might and Magic than of recent mobile RPGs.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

You can also check out some in-game screenshots:

The in-game economy has strong simulation undertones, with a radiant AI system that has the game world evolving around you, affected by your actions.

The game is going to be available on iOS universally and Android in the US on April 18, as a premium game with no in-app transactions. If you’re eager to try it out early, you can grab the PC copy on Steam for only $12.99.