Katana ZERO Banned in Australia and New Zealand

Switch version of the game has been refused classification in the region

According to Katana ZERO’s publisher, Devolver Digital, the game will not release in Australia and New Zealand just yet. The governing bodies in the region refused to classify this platformer:

It is unclear as to why Katana Zero has been refused classification — it does not seem any more violent than other games such as DOOM or Hotline Miami. For now, it is certain that Switch owners will have to wait past the original April 18 release date to play it.

Katana ZERO is a 2D action platformer, most easily described as a sidescrolling Hotline Miami — kill all enemies and avoid getting hit. You can see more of it in action below:


While there is a chance that refusal is just a result of some bureaucratic mistake, Devolver Digital may have to alter the game to pass the regional requirements. We can only hope that Katana ZERO survives this without any major changes.

PC players will be able to buy the game on its original April 18 release date on Steam.