Fan Mod Replaces Devil May Cry 5 Announcer With Solid Snake

Add some flavor to Devil May Cry 5’s chaotic gameplay

Enthusiasts sure love to modify Devil May Cry 5 — announcer voice files to be exact. Given the limitless possibilities to meme and alter the game to their liking, some of the modders even contacted voice actors to have them record a few lines.

A user named cheesburge has just released a mod called Solid Snake Style Announcer. As the name suggests, it replaces default style rank announcer with David Hayter, who is famous for playing Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid series. While most of the ranks remained the same (like Badass or Savage!), some of them were replaced with lines specific to Metal Gear Solid.

For example, Dismal was replaced with Dead Weight or Dummy Thicc (which is a community meme about Snake’s outstanding bottom), Crazy with Colonel? and Smokin’ Sexy Style with Smokin’ Stealthy Style.

To install the mod you need the Fluffy Manager tool, which was designed to manage mods in Resident Evil 2, but seems to work fine with other RE Engine games. After installing the announcer pack, set in-game announcer to default and enjoy Hayter’s lovely deep voice.

Other similar mods include Balrog (Dante’s Devil Arm) Style Announcer, voiced by Michael Schwalbe from DMC5 and the one and only Bored Style Announcer for those tired of constant action. A full list of audio mods is available on the game’s page at Nexus Mods.

It is nice to see that even some of the more prominent voice actors in the industry reach out to fans and help them create something fun. Let’s hope that the trend continues, and we’ll see as much announcer mods as alternative Mr. X models in Resident Evil 2.