16 Funniest Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Moments

While Sekiro is the most hardcore game of March, there is a place for some fun too: from epic battles against chicken and tons of unexpected death blows to football players and dancers as enemies

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most hardcore and notable games issued this March. From Software did not betray the spirit of Soulsborne-games, crafting dark and complex adventures of Wolf in the world of medieval Japan. The experience of playing Dark Souls is hardly useful here – the developers have completely changed the combat system, centering it around skillful parrying and correct timing. However, the main thing stays the same – you have to die very often.

Shinobi must always keep a low profile, even when attacking the opponent:

That feeling when you are a mini-boss in a medieval Japan game while deep inside you are a footballer from the FIFA series:

Briefly on resurrection system:

When your attack is parried, and you suddenly start dancing tectonic:

Today, a battle against shinobi. Tomorrow, a dance show casting:

Briefly on ‘’fast and dynamic boss battles’’:

Oh, those hitboxes in medieval Japan:

Me and unexpected problems

When your girlfriend is hysterical in another room, and you are standing in the nearby with no courage to enter:

The shortest way to Australia:

Expectations vs reality:

Alternative resurrection in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:

There’s synchronized swimming, and there’s synchronized search for shinobi:

The chicken is obviously in cahoots with this Headless:

When you barely defeat the boss and lose your vigilance:

As in life, the hardest blows come unexpectedly in Sekiro: