Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Quantum Break Composers Working on Control

Publisher 505 Games and developer Remedy Entertainment have revealed the duo behind the score of Remedy’s upcoming supernatural thriller

The two composers writing the score to accompany the surreal world of Control are award-winning composer Martin Stig Andersen and BAFTA-nominee Petri Alanko. Andersen has written music for Insideand Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, while Alanko has already worked with Remedy on Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

You can see the composers in the video below:

Control’s Game Director Mikael Kasurinen commented on the collaboration:

‘’I couldn't imagine a better match for Control than Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen. Martin's deep and moody style combined with the unique energy of Petri Alanko elevates the end result into something special. While both capture the tone of the experience, they approach it from different perspectives, complementing each other beautifully.’’

While Control’s Senior Audio Designer Ville Sorsa said the following:

‘’We knew Control required a very specific form of music to fit the aesthetic vision. Given the exceptional scores of their previous projects including Alan Wake, Limbo and Inside, it was clear to us that combining the talents of both Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen would be perfect for creating such a weird, supernatural soundtrack for Control.’’

Check out the composers’ work below:

As of now, Control is available for pre-order and is due out for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store on August 27, 2019.