Roguelike RPG Vambrace: Cold Soul Releasing This May on PC

The game releases May 28 on PC, Q3 2019 on consoles

Headup Games announced a final release date for their upcoming game Vambrace: Cold Soul. The roguelike RPG adventure game is now releasing May 28 on PC, Mac and Linux.

The game was recently shown to players at GDC and PAX East. It mixes story driven gameplay with classic roguelike dungeon crawling mechanics, and managed to get some attention during the recent gaming events. After gathering some much needed feedback, the team decided to push the release date from April to May in order to deliver the best experience they can.

Chances are that you aren’t familiar with the game, so check out this announcement trailer below:

Vembrace: Cold Souls will release on May 28 on PC, Mac and Linux. The game will also be available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Console versions are scheduled to release during the July-September release window.