15 Games to Play This April

Games that deserve your attention this month: sequel of the hardcore Super Meat Boy, new Mortal Kombat, industrial revolution in Anno 1800, and much more

The main release of April is the eleventh part of the Mortal Kombat series. Favorite characters, proven gameplay and incredible cruelty – everybody knows about the distinctive features of the series. Judging by first reviews, the game is definitely worth playing.

Zombie fans will also be satisfied this month. One of the most anticipated games of the year is Days Gone, a PS4 exclusive which has a large open world explored on a motorcycle by the main character. It’s worth noting that freakers, the local analogue of zombies, are not dead although they look similar.

15 Games to Play This April-1
The cooperative World War Z will reveal the new details of the war against infected in the largest cities of the world

April will be rich in great games for fans of classic quests. Cyberpunk adventure Tales of Neon Sea, detective investigations in Dance of Death, intriguing Lorelai and, of course, the release of the classic Phoenix Wright trilogy on all relevant platforms. Happy owners of VR headsets can play Proze, in which they will discover the mysteries of the secret Soviet research institutions of the Cold War era.

Those who prefer strategy games will also be busy in April due to the release of Anno 1800 which takes the player to the times of the industrial revolution. Another interesting release is Imperator: Rome – a new hardcore strategy game from Paradox. For exotics, choose Weedcraft Inc in which you’ll grow and sell marijuana.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

15 Games to Play This April-2

Release date: April 5

A detective quest, the action of which takes place in London in 1888 and centers on the investigation of Jack the Ripper’s crimes. Developers promise an intriguing plot, a dark atmosphere of Victorian England and a non-linear storyline. This game is recommended to all who are not indifferent to the classic quests.

Platforms: PC.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

15 Games to Play This April-3

Release date: April 9

A Japanese RPG with survival elements in the spirit of the Megami Tensei series. The Flood and the seven deadly sins are in the center of the storyline. You will play for clones that live for two weeks. The fate of the previous clone impacts the life of the next one. The player will explore the world and discover the reason of the catastrophe.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

15 Games to Play This April-4

Release date: April 9

The famous series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will finally be released on other platforms (originally, it was released on Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS) with improved graphics. On April 9, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the classic trilogy about lawyer’s everyday life on your favorite console. Phoenix Wright is a visual novel with quest elements which periodically turns into a tragicomedy.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC.

Weedcraft Inc

15 Games to Play This April-5

Release date: April 11

An economic strategy which allows you to manufacture marijuana. The developers promise to show the cultivation and sale of weed as well as problems with the law. You will be able to influence public opinion and even amend laws – or make your business completely illegal.

Platforms: PC.

World War Z

15 Games to Play This April-6

Release date: April 16

The official game based on the 2013 film of the same name. World War Z is a cooperative third-person shooter with survival elements. The storyline will complement the events of the film and will show new infected areas. The player will have to fight against hundreds of living dead at the same time.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC.

Anno 1800

15 Games to Play This April-7

Release date: April 16

A new part in a series of Anno city-building strategies. The game is set at the beginning of the XIX century during the industrial revolution and the subsequent changes in society’s life. Among novelties, we can note the mechanics of tourist attractiveness of the city which is impacted by both architectural monuments and air pollution.

Platforms: PC.

God’s Trigger

15 Games to Play This April-8

Release date: April 18

A spectacular top view scroll shooter. ‘’A cooperative Hotline Miami’’ is the most accurate description of the God’s Trigger gameplay. Both ordinary enemies and the main characters die from one bullet, so you need to act fast. The storyline of God’s Trigger tells about a biblical Apocalypse which should be stopped by an angel and a demoness who escaped from hell.

Platforms: PC.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

15 Games to Play This April-9

Release date: April 23

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an improved version of the original game made in 2012, which is released on Nintendo Switch in April. The Japanese RPG made according to the Western standards is an ambiguous project with a 77-point rating on Metacritic.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch.

Mortal Kombat 11

15 Games to Play This April-10

Release date: April 23

A new part of the cult fighting game. Еhe game has a new list of fighters, customization options and mechanics which are slightly different from Mortal Kombat X. This time, the storyline promises to be grandiose and to be related to time travel. Otherwise, it’s still the same spectacular and bloody game as before.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC.

Imperator: Rome

15 Games to Play This April-11

Release date: April 25

A new strategy game from Paradox Development Studio which covers the period from the collapse of Alexander the Great’s state to the transformation of Rome from a republic into an empire. The game will certainly please the fans of global historical strategies who played Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron.

Platforms: PC.

Days Gone

15 Games to Play This April-12

Release date: April 26

A shooter with stealth and survival elements in which the player will face hordes of infected. To deal with them, you’ll have to use traps and baits, while clashes with survivors will demand the use of firearms. The developers promise an interesting storyline with elements of drama and a well-developed post-apocalyptic world.

Platforms: PlayStation 4.

Tales of Neon Sea

15 Games to Play This April-13

Release date: April 30

An 8-bit graphics – stylized detective quest. The action is set in the distant future with a confrontation between people, robots and… cat gangsters. The game resembles an interactive Blade Runner, an official game based on the cult film of 1983.

Platforms: PC.


15 Games to Play This April-14

Release date: April 30

A first-person quest for VR headsets which tells about a secret Soviet research center. The narrative has two timelines – a simple engineer and his grandson. The developers promise an interesting story, a special atmosphere of the Cold War and challenging puzzles.

Platforms: PlayStation VR, PC (Vive, Oculus Rift).

Super Meat Boy Forever

15 Games to Play This April-15

Release date: April

A continuation of the hardcore indie platformer released in 2010. The developers claim that Super Meat Boy Forever will be much more difficult than the original. The levels in the second part are generated according to player’s skills: the more often you die, the harder the playthrough will become. The fans of quality hardcore games should be delighted with this release.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android.

Update: As the developers announced, Super Meat Boy Forever will not release in April. The new launch date will be given in the next trailer, but for now it is ‘’After but not too far after April 2019.’’


15 Games to Play This April-16

Release date: April

A quest with elements of adventure and horror. The game is a psychological thriller that will make you think about your life. Lorelai’s storyline is directly related to the previous games of the studio: The Cat Lady and Downfall.

Platforms: PC.