Nvidia Presented Quake 2 RTX

Following the recent fan-made mod, 1997’s first-person shooter received official ray tracing support

At GDC 2019, Nvidia revealed the Quake 2 version that supports the ray-tracing technology. The refreshed game is based on Quake mod Q2VKPT created by former Nvidia intern Christoph Schied. The company got interested in Shied’s project and contacted him so that they could develop a ‘’pure ray-traced game’’.

Quake 2 RTX has received more realistic graphics and doesn’t have any artifacts like the mod did due to the Path Tracing technique Schied used. The RTX version also features Quake 2 XP high-definition textures and models and supports Nvidia Flow for fire, smoke and particle effects.

See the screenshots below:

You can see the original Q2VKPT in the video below:

So far, only a few screenshots were published. A gameplay video might be presented later at GDC.