Capcom Under Criticism for Voice Cast

The only person of color in Devil May Cry 5 is played by an allegedly racist white YouTuber

A recent discussion on ResetEra unearthed the fact that the only black character in the new Devil May Cry title, Morrison, is voiced by a white voice actor by the name of Joey Camen. Fans pointed out that this particular voice actor has taken to YouTube to flaunt anti-semitic and racist views through character impersonations. The combination of what fans are calling ‘’blackface’’, coupled with the actor’s history of inappropriate behavior has prompted a slew of criticism.

Capcom Under Criticism for Voice Cast-1
One of Camen’s YouTube characters

The most referenced offensive content by Camen are two YouTube videos during which he mocks African Americans and Transgender people respectively. This is undoubtedly what got fans riled up, to begin with — that Capcom would shamelessly pass up countless African American voice actors, in favor of an actor of a different race, who is at the same time explicitly controversial.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that Camen’s YouTube personalities are comedic acts, and are therefore not to be taken literally. As for whether they should be taken seriously (and by extension, whether they are truly offensive), that remains a subjective matter.

Capcom Under Criticism for Voice Cast-2
Notably, the character J.D. Morrison was initially a white man in the DMC Anime, but in the fifth video game he is an unmistakable African American

As for Capcom, they haven’t released an official statement on the matter, but the fans on ResetEra didn’t fail to note that this is not the first time Capcom’s come under fire for similar offenses. They had to pull the vocalist off the ‘’Dante’s Battle Theme’’ track of DMC 5 and re-record the song, due to the singer — Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida — being under fire for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

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Also, back in Devil May Cry 4, they introduced Gloria, a flirtatious, seemingly African American character. It becomes revealed in the game’s story, however, that she is simply an alternate form — a costume that Trish wears as a disguise. For reference, Trish is a blond-haired white woman (Gloria — Center Left, Trish — Center Right)

It’s no wonder that Capcom are receiving flak on the subject yet again, and we’re curious to see what their official response will be. For now, check out Camen’s performance as Morrison in the below cinematic and decide for yourself whether you think he was the right man for the job: