Warner and Left4Dead Devs Turtle Rock Announce New FPS Back 4 Blood

The original developers are back to finish telling their story in cooperation with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Turtle Rock, who developed the very first Left4Dead title, are officially back in business with a spiritual successor to the title. They revealed a few details about the upcoming shooter in a recent FAQ, and it turns out that this new title is their own intellectual property with its own story to tell. They noted that they are currently at the very beginning of development and are very much looking for new hire.

If you are a newcomer to Turtle Rock’s shooter titles, check out the original trailer for Left4Dead below:

Regarding the game’s relationship with Left4Dead, Turtle Rock do not have access to that IP and they noted that while the game will be very reminiscent of its predecessor, it is a standalone title. Similarly, their contract on Evolve with 2K has officially expired, so they have no involvement in any development on an Evolve sequel either.

Beyond that, here are some technical details about Back 4 Blood:

- It will not have a Battle Royale mode.

- It will feature both PvP and CooP.

- There will be a story campaign.

- The game will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 initially. Other platforms are a possibility.

- Microtransactions are not a priority, but they are a possibility.

Given TurtleRock’s success with both Left4Dead and Evolve, it’s likely that this upcoming title will be a hit as well. It’ll also be very satisfying to see what they can come up now that they’re standing on the shoulders of so many previous successful Zombie shooter titles.