Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Developer on Collaborating With the Quake Modding Scene

3D Realms turned to the Quake modding and mapping scene to work on their new game

On March 7, 3D Realms Entertainment announced Wrath: Aeon of Ruin — an old-school first-person shooter built using the original Quake engine. What’s surprising though is that the studio worked with modders to develop the game.

See the trailer below:

Modding website ModDB spoke with 3D Realms VP Frederik Schreiber about this collaboration. We highlighted the most interesting pieces from the interview.

The Quake Engine makes it possible to create larger and more complex levels.

As Schreiber said, with the Quake Engine the studio is now working in ‘’true’’ 3D unlike they did when developing Ion Maiden. The developers will talk more about technical aspects of the game in Dev.blogs.

Previous experience with modding community when working on Ion Maiden inspired 3D Realms to continue this practice.

The studio developed Ion Maiden with the help of indie studio Voidpoint, which Schreiber refers to as a ‘’great experience’’. Thus, after choosing the Quake Engine for their next game, the team started looking for experienced Quake scene modders and mappers and found KillPixel, who was working on a project of his own with this friend. 3D Realms saw potential in it and after a short time funded the project and extended the team to 25.

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Developer on Collaborating With the Quake Modding Scene-1

The Wrath team consists of both Quake-savvy modders and passionate newbies.

The developers looked for modders who are familiar with the Quake mapping and modding scene and could add a ‘’ton of value’’ to Wrath. However, they were also interested in those new to Quake but showing ‘’passion and promise’’. After a series of individual interviews, the developers selected a team to work with, starting with the experienced right away and giving test assignments to others to see how well they would work.

The team is using modern editing tools to work with old engines.

Schreiber said that the team is using NetRadiant and a modified version of Trenchbroom for development and have Trenchbroom developer SleepwalkR on board. As for console version of Wrath, the developers are using ‘’some pretty crazy and custom code’’.

Wrath is different from Quake though there are certain similarities.

When asked about Quake references and Wrath own style, Schreiber replied that the new game differs a lot from id Software’s shooter. While movement and air controls are similar, the combat, puzzles and environment make it a completely different game. When working on Wrath, designers were given full documentation on game features so they had some context to work with to make sure the levels are made as planned.

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin will be available for PC via Steam this summer. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be available Q1 2020.