Atomic Heart Development Goes Smoothly, Developers Confirm

Mundfish, the studio behind Atomic Heart, explains lack of information about the game and talks about plans for more transparent communication with the media

Atomic Heart is indeed a mysterious title in development. Apart from a few teasers, trailers and several interviews, gamers have not got much. DTF journalist Artemy Leonov visited Mundfish Moscow office and talked to the studio heads, Robert Bagratuni and Evgenia Sedova.

The developers demonstrated several levels of Atomic Heart — both from its 2017 version and from what we saw in the recent trailer. As the journalist confirms, there were no freezes and the combat doesn’t feel ‘‘unfinished’’.

Atomic Heart Development Goes Smoothly, Developers Confirm-1
Leonov was also shown mocap equipment the studio uses. In the photo: Mundfish doing a motion capture session

To dispel the rumors that the game has no stable concept, Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni showed Leonov an 80-page document with the game story, description of the characters and mechanics, and dialogues.

When asked about all the mystery around the project and lack of published information, the developers said that it is simply their marketing strategy. Bagratuni confirmed that they are going to release devlogs, a new gameplay trailer and organize a closed press event — when they are ready. But now, it’s just too early and they don’t want to reveal everything at once.

From what Leonov describes, it looks like Atomic Heart is real despite all the rumors and has something to surprise us with. As of now, the studio is working hard on the final build of the game. Beta launch is scheduled for Q4 2019.

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