Mod Brings a Topless Claire Redfield to Resident Evil 2

Modders have graced us with yet another visual modification for the still recent Resident Evil 2 Remake

The aptly named modder ExpandWong brings Resident Evil fans this character costume that alters Claire’s military outfit — by removing her top. The modification is a simple texture download that you can drop onto your game files, replacing the appropriate outfit. You can check out the mod in action below:

To install the mod, download it from its Nexus Mods page and extract to Resident Evil 2 main directory.

This mod is just one in what is now a trend of visual alterations for the game, following last week’s Classic Claire mod that brought back her original outfit. There are, unfortunately, no similar mods available for Leon S. Kennedy, the other playable character, but we’re certain modders will put something together soon. Until then, which Claire skin do you prefer the most?