Deep Silver and 4A Games Respond to Metro Exodus Developer Talking about Metro Leaving PC

Following the critical comments of the Metro Exodus developer in regards to boycotting the game, Deep Silver and 4A Games release an official statement saying that they do not share the same view

The unexpected removal of Metro Exodus from Steam and making it a temporary exclusive of Epic Games Store caused quite an outrage among PC gamers who expressed their strong disapproval criticizing Epic Games and Metro’s developers. Angry fans also lowered the series’ score on Steam.

One of 4A Games developers, going by the nickname ‘’skynet’’, expressed his thoughts regarding the situation on Gameru’s forum. He criticized the fans’ toxicity and, most importantly, stated that the ongoing boycott of Metro may result in the series leaving the PC platform. However, his view has nothing to do with the company’s as his post was followed with Deep Silver and 4A Games stating that those comments ‘’do not reflect Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the franchise.’’ Instead, it’s a ‘’passionate individual’’ witnessing ‘’positive goodwill towards his work turn to controversy’’. Besides, the decision to partner with Epic Games as well as the future release strategy lies with Koch Media and Deep Silver, not the 4A Games developers.

In case you missed skynet’s post, check it out below:

Deep Silver and 4A Games Respond to Metro Exodus Developer Talking about Metro Leaving PC-1

Skynet admits that leaving Steam is unprecedented and understands why it caused disapproval:

‘’I had a chance to read all these comments and backlash made around. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the fact that they left Steam is questionable – there have been no such cases before (as far as I can tell). This is some kind of nonsense, no wonder it caused rejection. This creates a need for epic launcher installation that could be inconvenient for gamers and hence frustrate them.’’

However, skynet believes that some gamers weren’t even going to play the game — they just need something to rant about:

‘’On the other hand, some gamers’ excessive reaction (like ‘only Torrent’ and stuff like that) is surely not adequate. I have a feeling that those people didn’t even want to play the game, they have been just waiting for expressing their extreme disapproval. Following this logic, we (the developers) have been trying to create something special for years, facing a lot of difficulties and suffering losses, but a certain category of gamers believe that our work doesn’t worth even a couple of minutes spent on launcher installation. Of course, they can do whatever they want, but why do they care so much about Metro? They’re obviously not interested in it. I can only say that they didn’t play our games and they’re indifferent to our work, which means I’m not interested in their opinion at least. So what’s the point (for me and for some of us) of considering their opinion?’’

What’s more important, skynet stated that the next Metro game won’t be released on PC if the gamers continue boycotting the series:

‘’But let’s sort it out. They say if you dispraise Metro Exodus and the previous games of the series, this would bring benefits, i.e. take the greedy developers down a peg. I have an answer for this: as a last resort – if all the gamers boycott Metro – the next Metro game won’t come out on PC (if it ever comes out). Is it for good or is it for bad – that’s up to you. As for me, I will definitely feel sorry for the fans. But this won’t change my attitude to the work we’ve done together with my colleagues and friends. I’m sure that all those people who go negative on it on the Internet are definitely can’t do what we’ve done, or will probably do. So they don’t even realize what they’re talking about.’’

Skynet finished saying that he’s enjoying working on the game and is going to play it after the release:

‘’One more thing: though I completed each level loads and loads of times while developing the game, I still enjoy playing it. I played the previous parts of it through (not once) and I’m intended to do the same with the PC version (now we’re making some last adjustments). This has become some kind of tradition for me – I always play games through one more time before release, this allows me to evaluate the work we’ve done. Getting back to the subject, I always remember Prof’s (Editor’s note: Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director and co-founder of 4A Games) words that I’ve heard personally and also seen on the Internet: you should make the game for yourself so that it’s you who likes it in the first place. I’m starting to fully realize that no smarty will make me put less value on our work. Many men, many minds.’’

It’s not the first time when Metro Exodus is caught in a scandal. Namely, last month Russian fans discovered that the pre-order bonus poster has Russia spelled with low-cased ‘’r’’, which was met with strong criticism.

As of now, Metro Exodus is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 15. The Steam release is scheduled for February 15, 2020.