Paradox Interactive Talks Prison Architect Purchase, Answers Fan Questions

They discuss what is next for Introversion and if there will be a sequel

Paradox Interactive recently acquired the intellectual property and rights to the popular Prison Architect line of simulation games from developer Introversion. Since fans of the series had plenty of questions about what this meant for the future of the series, they held a question and answer session on social media in order to clear the air. What followed was an interesting look at the future, although concrete details are still yet to be known on a lot of issues.

What’s Next for Introversion Software?

Paradox Interactive bought the rights to Prison Architect, but didn’t buy the developer itself. As such, they are working on a new project that won’t be an ‘’Architect’’ game, as the series’ title was sold to Paradox as well.

Will Paradox Work on DLC or a sequel Next?

Paradox Interactive isn’t quite sure at the moment what they will do immediately with the series. ‘’We’re considering both of these options,’’ wrote the company on Twitter. They said there is a possibility that both might happen, but it depends on the feedback they get from user research.

Who will develop the game going forward?

This is also not yet known as the company hasn’t ‘’selected or created a development team to take over this game yet.’’ However, they did disclose that it would be handled by just one studio rather than having one handle maintenance and another developing new titles in the series.

Will the art style stay the same?

Paradox said it makes sense for the series to keep the same vibe and style, but said that they want to do what players want the most.

Will Prison Architect be supported throughout 2019?

Yes. Paradox said that while the level of support (if it will be more than just bug fixing) remains to be decided, they are going to support the original while they think about the future of the series.

Are more Architect games coming?

It’s currently being discussed. Paradox says owning the IP allows them to ‘’make lots of Architect games,’’ and that they are brainstorming various ones that would fit their brand.

The company also said that they might hold a Twitch stream next week, so stay tuned for updates.